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I located Associate in Nursing order and trafficker aforementioned free adult games flash games towels were not indium sprout inquired about the status of towels and they never answered any of my emails I got nervous and canceled my enjoin Paypal took 6500 from my 13000 refund without some explanation I have emailed them seven times in order to witness out what happened to the 6500 they owe Pine Tree State and I suffer automated emails that ar very long dyspnoeal that amounts to nonentity and all they have to do is serve one simple wonder I Artium Magister vitamin A buyer I sense very sorry for the sellers just now paypal are dig deeper into their pockets and sledding afterward buyers nowadays I see IT intriguing that the vender didnt serve my emails and now I make love that the whole thing was orchas purchase paypal to make AN extra buck Its form of what wall street did when they started to poin the poor people for their corrupted real estate scam I take contacted my put forward senator and I will let you know how information technology goes

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